I reside in Houston, Texas. I was born and raised here and it is the only place I have ever called home.  I have truly loved growing up in this melting pot of a city.  It has given me the opportunity to experience different cultures; from the food I eat to the people I see and all it takes is walking down the next street over.  I left for a brief time to obtain my bachelors degree, but I always knew I would be back.  While I have no plans to ever permanently move on from here I take great pleasure in traveling to other places and taking in all the world has to offer. 

In my spare time I tend to gravitate to life’s simple pleasures. Playing with my pup, bathing in mountains of bubbles, wandering the whiskey and wine aisles, balancing my attention between you and the ball at a baseball game, sampling the freshest seafood, and researching the best hole-in-the wall restaurants. While I enjoy the simple things that is not to say I do not enjoy a reason to put on some high heels.  Something about turning heads in my little black dress that adds an extra spark to an evening.

During the day I flutter between my busy corporate job and luxuriating in the company of generous and extraordinary men. I am ravenousness for knowledge and savor the experience of being shown new things and new places. It is not in my nature to say no to something I have never tried, and I adore the anticipation of a first meeting or a familiar face in a new environment. I have been told I am an excellent listener; I listen to understand and learn – never to judge.

While receiving gifts and acts of service are my love language, I tend to show my affection and love through touch. A kiss to say hello, a light hand hold as we walk to dinner, a feather-like caress on your thigh as we share dessert, a deep sigh and lean as the elevator moves upwards, leading you down the hallway, my grip tightening as we cross the threshold, my hands moving across your chest as we move into each other and the background slips away…





chinese food

deep sighs and leaning in close

early morning meetings

french 75s

hallmark movies

innocent moments shared intimately

joyfully laughing together

kettles whistling

lingering memories of time together

making memories that linger

natural light


peanut butter

quality time

romance novels

stolen kisses

tender touches

understated beauty

vases filled with lilies

walking hand in hand

x’s and o’s at the end of a letter

yearning for just the right touch

zippers coming undone

I hope now that you have gotten to know the woman outside the window you take that next step to meet her.  I would love to learn your love language and spend some time with you. I assure you that time spent with me will be something you covet.

I know you may have some questions so head over to my interview before you fill out my booking form.



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