I am of Chinese American descent with thick and long dark brown hair, a refined feminine, lithe, and aesthetic frame that never disappoints; I flirt during the day hours with a job that keeps me busy but luxuriate in the off hours in the company of generous and extraordinary men.

In my spare time you can find me exploring dog parks with my pup, unwinding in deep soaking tubs, reveling in full-bodied and smoky wines, enjoying a baseball ball game, discovering the latest hole-in-the-wall restaurant, or exploring the freshest seafood in town.

I am ravenousness for knowledge and savor the experience of being shown new things and new places. It is not in my nature to say no to something I have never tried and I adore the anticipation of a first meeting or a familiar face in a new environment. I’ve been told I am an excellent listener; I listen to understand and learn – never to judge.

While receiving gifts and acts of service are my love language, I prefer to show my affection and love through touch. A kiss to say hello, a light hand hold as we walk to dinner, a feather-like caress on your thigh as we share dessert, a deep sigh and lean as the elevator moves upwards, leading you down the hallway, my grip tightening as we cross the threshold, my hands moving across your chest as we move into each other and the background slips away…

I look forward to learning your love language.



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